I finally gave in and decided to try mesh. I am a shopaholic and the number of mesh items were growing in my inventory with an intent on trying it ~EH~…later,..Yeh.. at some point. I wasn’t yet convinced, “It’s a new fantastic revolutionary change!”  (said in a snarky manner), But I was building up to trying it.


My Avatar has been a proud Luscious & Ample Nubian Amazon since the day I first rezzed in 2009, And reducing my girth almost felt ceremonial as I kept clicking the down button to fit into a Mesh large.

Although the clothes do move better with the body and this is a cute jumper, It’s going to take some getting used to being this small..I feel so…COMMON, almost Stepford wife cookie cutter-ish. LOL

I guess I can work it for now, (making a pleased face), I am looking sharp in this fit, BUT, I will keep hope alive until a designer in shining armor comes to the rescue and takes a bold step forward and make a mesh for the community of thicker, plush and lush avatars. /!



What I am wearing:

ColdLogic jumper – cohen. Moss color

SIMiLAR Italian Footwear; Angelica Shoe Diamondback Lth

BooN!: hairpiece for hats; RIKA65 in chocolate

Gucci Cuff Braclet** on upper forearm

ISON – kabuki crocodile tote (Marketplace)

SAIKIN straw floppy hat green

Vita’s Boudior: Serious vamp lashes

Endra Graves @Artistry by ~ E ~:The Hilary Bracelet,Necklace & Earring set- Gold

SKIN by *{Kiko Life}* Omi Meji: Ochre – Profile Pick Gift



Pics taken while shopping at the Designers Summer Parade 2012;

Featuring- Champagne, Countdown, Opium, Vitamen, Purplemoon, Leri Miles Designs, Mon Cheri, AZOURY, Danielle, EVOLVE, Lovecat, ChiChi Of London, ArisAris, Armony, Vero Modero


Virtual Indonesia- BALI FASHION WEEK