MrGodai often says I have Angelic ways, so this inspired me to do a set of pics.


An Angel lands in a beautiful secret garden and sees a handsome Mortal.



Instantly they feel a connection, share hugs & laughter, and express a fondness for each other.



When it is time for her to return to her realm, she leaves her heart behind for him to care for until the next visit.


HAIR::::::: Vanity Hair:Visionaire-Soil
DRESS:::::: MAAI ” Lini ” mesh dress
NAILS:::::: +:+WTG+:+ **La fleur-ROSE**nails & bangles
JEWELS::::: +:+WTG+:+ **sweet heart** earrings & choker
EARCUFF:::: Elysium- White (Marketplace)

Pics snapped on the “WonderOaks” Elven & Fae Sim