Greetings explorers,
This week We decided to revisit the LEA sims and came across one that was very mysterious; LEA6 “Color Key”.

28.10_001 27.10_021 27.10_020

It was interesting enough that we paused to take a look.

1027explore_007 1027explore_003 27.10_009 27.10_024 27.10_001

The build by Rebeca Bashly was interactive and had a hidden meaning,
“It is all about human nature, breaking your spine to find answers that are under your nose.”

1027explore_020 27.10_031 27.10_019 27.10_039

Be sure to check it out as its only here until the 1st of next month and after that its gone forever.

27.10_025 1027explore_004 27.10_005

Happy Travels

PICS SNAPPED @  LEA6 – Color Key