Time to kick the tires, light the fires, check six,bingo to Mom — Got it?
LOL, Are You In Aviator mode after reading that?

Bravo Zulu! 😉

 Today’s post brings us to a fun sim that is best enjoyed with a partner or in a group.

There are some regulars here and I’m sure they wouldn’t mind going thru tacticals with you.


Warbug is an aerial combat game designed by Arduenn Schwartzman, It is one of SL’s popular,long running sims.

You fly small carnival like planes that perform aerial tricks, race against others through an asteroid obstacle course, & engage in dogfights.


It was a lil tricky maneuvering the controls on the 1rst voyage, but once you get the hang of it, you will be targeting shots and dropping bombs in no time.
0401WarR_001 0401WarR_005 08.04_018


We had a hilarious time… mostly crashing. LOL!.
But, In between the fun, Throttle Back & park in the hang out spots, or browse the shops filled with quirky gadgets and fun items. (Ewww- They have a Fart Hud for sale!lol)

 0401War_005 Snapshot_001


You can purchase your pudgy plane on the sim or marketplace, they are very inexpensive.
You may also win 1 in the lucky chair, or fly a demo when you click the windsock located on the runway.



 Wishing you great time until we read again 🙂



Check out the official Warbug site