The Around The World Blogger Challenge; starting with the letter A; AMERICA/AMERICAN INDIAN

Taken @ the Red Rock Sim

LASHES: Eye Candi Lashes – Lush – SUPER Large
HAIR: Analog Dog – kirsten dark BLACK

MAKEUP: *{KIko Life}* Remix: Empress – Nzingha Full Makeup
SKIN: *{Kiko Life}* Remix: Spice Neutral – Cleavage – Freckles

SHIRT: Native American Dress- I used Top, Cuffs, Bracelets & Glitch pants off a dress set, made by Sundance Trading Post & Phenix Fashions.​e/Spirit%20Nations/22/191/​23

BELT: **THE CLOSET**ConchoBelt_BROWN​e/kankan/209/27/1006

PANT: Zaara : Jeans {classic} *indigo*​e/Zaara/135/132/24

JEWELRY: EarthStones Dreamcatcher Jewelry Set – Calm Waters
SHOES: Leather Boots – A Gift from KoKo (Marketplace Freebie)