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SIM:  a stunning replica of the Great Wall of China
Built originally to protect the northern borders of the Chinese Empire. 
The scenery is one of the best in Secondlife.

PANTSUIT:China Bird by Sonatta Morales

HEAD JEWELS: Alienbear's (Oriental Tang-Mui Fei II-red)
JEWELRY: BijouxOr Design (Oriental Gold Airen Set jade & red coral)

SHOES: Stiletto Business NC paris leather Red

NAILS: Nails Formanails - Form long - Design JIAO

MAKEUP: .:Glamorize:. Bright Sights Eye Makeup - Green

HAIR: *JetDoll* - Fujiyama ~ Black 

SKIN: *{Kiko Life}* Cocoa - Make Up 015 - Black Brow

Its Golden!

Here is another Jill Scott inspiration- The Golden version of the Lady sing the Blues,

By Renee India of Visualz Sassy.

Gorgeous versatile dresses you can dress up or go casual.

..Living my life like its GOLDEN!

For this post I felt like a “Jazz”ing it up, It has classic lines like that of a vintage lounge dress, I absolutely love it!

Jill Scott "GOLDEN" Dress by Renee India of Visualz Sassy​va%20dAlliez/226/115/2501


JEWELS: "Fleur" Necklace set by Dita Tran of FULO



I parked my Avatar, and she and I both drifted off to sleep…

We were dreaming of being a great singer of Blues while wearing the prettiest vivid blue I’ve seen..

…..such melody

I was even playing the piano for myself as I belted out tune after tune!

Chi was tickling the ivory quite nicely!

I was in a singing frenzy!

I finally finished the crescendo …

u can hear a pin drop as I finished off in Patty Labelle style

Just to find out …I was all alone..or my cat calling drove them away lol

…*Crickets…then I woke up

Jill Scott “Sings the Blues” Dress by Renee India of Visualz Sassy​va%20dAlliez/226/115/2501

SKIN *{Kiko Life}* Omi Meji: Sepia – Makeup 056 – Cleavage

JEWELRY: $GaNKeD$ Adrift Set


HAIR: MrSigmund – Cicada – extra curly hair – black

SHOES: Venezia Blue RGB by Sim-I-Lar Quality Italian Footwear Original Syn: Rock of Love Pose & Mic/Mic on Marketplace

Yes, Im sweet like Watermelon candy..

I went digging in old folders as I cleaned and deleted items out of inventory…


I have never worn this so I decided to give it a try.

Tuesday's PINK WaterMelon Candy.
.:Glamorize:. Wet N Wicked Lips - Pink Rose Petal

DIMPLES: L.Fauna Dimples 2.0

SKIN: *{Kiko Life}* Omi Meji: Fallow - 4000 Members Group Gift

I love the exotic look of -iFamous Makeups

*MORGANA* by Ciccia Bergamasco Dress with Pink Belt & matching bangles

*~*Damselfly*~*Jamilla/Brown Mocha Splash

Illicit Designs: Bondage Heel (HOT PINK)
(Market place)


Well the letter B rolled around for this wks blogger challenge and I decided on some latin flava, and the city Bogata. While doing research on traditional clothes and beauty pageants, I came across one contestants outfit. I loved it..It was traditional yet modern

This is what I came up with..My SL version Of Miss Bogata

SKIN: *{KIko Life}* Midnight Mania – August – UNI CITY – Caramel
MAKEUP: *{KIko Life}* 4500 Members Group Gift

HAIR: ++AY.LinE++Hydrangea[[Char​coal]]​/secondlife/Fountainhead/1​1/11/1111

SKIRT/PURSE: =IZUMIYA=White Flower Skirt & Purse​/secondlife/Fountainhead/1​1/11/1111

SHIRT: Gypsy Peasant Cream Dress Top by HUDSON’s Clothing Co.

SCARF: Zaara: pashmina scarf *blue*

HAT: Sinatra Fedora (Short Brim) – Straw & Black by Mad About Hats@Couture Chapeau​/secondlife/Vade%20Mecum/4​6/101/27

Drop Diamond Earrings Platinum by RYCA DOOBIE​/secondlife/Baechu/114/181​/95

Nails Formanails – Form long – Design MONJA​/secondlife/Andriannas%20D​reams/185/154/26


The Around The World Blogger Challenge; starting with the letter A; AMERICA/AMERICAN INDIAN

Taken @ the Red Rock Sim

LASHES: Eye Candi Lashes – Lush – SUPER Large
HAIR: Analog Dog – kirsten dark BLACK

MAKEUP: *{KIko Life}* Remix: Empress – Nzingha Full Makeup
SKIN: *{Kiko Life}* Remix: Spice Neutral – Cleavage – Freckles

SHIRT: Native American Dress- I used Top, Cuffs, Bracelets & Glitch pants off a dress set, made by Sundance Trading Post & Phenix Fashions.​e/Spirit%20Nations/22/191/​23

BELT: **THE CLOSET**ConchoBelt_BROWN​e/kankan/209/27/1006

PANT: Zaara : Jeans {classic} *indigo*​e/Zaara/135/132/24

JEWELRY: EarthStones Dreamcatcher Jewelry Set – Calm Waters
SHOES: Leather Boots – A Gift from KoKo (Marketplace Freebie)

Cool & Unusual Gadgets

Yes Scorpios can be cold..but we have hearts...SEE?....
lol, I was buggn ppl out with this all yesterday...
the unusual gadgets n bric-brac u'd find in the Japanese sims, 
This was sold @ the RandoMuseum​ondlife/SLOW/148/70/3013

The MaryJ Bronze- My Brownie Mix-Yum!

My Sister Renee India got the inspiration of this fit from the singer MaryJ Blige. I love how she added the caplet sleeve to it, and the hat was fully mod so I stretched to stand tall.

MaryJ Bronze @ Visualz Sassy

This was definitely a winner to me!, I had a hard time taking it off thats how much I loved it LOL

SKIN           :*{Kiko Life}* Omi Meji: Russet - K&Q Exclusive Group Gift
MAKEUP         : *{KIko Life}* Remix: Wild Cocoa - Lips - Venchi
Top/Hat & Jeans: Mary J Bronze @::Visualz Sassy::  By Renee India
Hair/Braids:   : dDx- Lilith by Discord designs
JEWELRY        :Earrings- Custom made name set by Basheena Follet
                Bracelets- Buncha Bangles by ICED
                Aly - Diamond with  Belly Stud (Juicy)
SHOES          : Carmens VillanciA brown






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